The NoaVR Theatre presents

Campfire Sessions

We as South Africans love our get-together’s, our “kuiers”.  We love being around people and enjoy each other’s company.  Being isolated for 5 weeks (and counting) is not ideal, so we decided to do something about it!

Join your favourite artist for an online campfire-style session in the NoaVR Theatre.  

Max 20 Tickets per show, that’s it. 
But why only 20 tickets? 

Well, we create opportunities for artists to connect with their fans on a personal level and a chance for you to interact with them in a way that is impossible when you are in a crowd!  

(Best of all – 95% of revenue goes directly to the artist!)

Let’s get together in this time of isolation – get your tickets now and let’s connect.

Upcoming Sessions

Support our local artists

Max 20 tickets per show only!

Get the chance to interact with your favourite artist in a way that is impossible when you are in a crowd...